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Dry Needling
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Alleviate Pain
Dry needling will stimulate blood flow to flush back to the affected areas, releasing endorphins, alleviating any muscular pain or stiffness.
Reduce Muscle Tension
By inserting the needle into the “muscle knot”, the affected area will contract before relaxing. This will release muscle tension and any associated pain.
Improve Range of Motion
The release of muscle tension and increased blood flow to the affected area promotes proper function, more movement, and restores your range of motion.
Enhance Daily Wellness
Healthy blood circulation, improved mobility, and less muscle tension almost immediately after treatment will allow you to be more active and enhance your wellness.

Dry Needling Targets Trigger Points to Treat Myofascial Pain and Restore Regular Movement

Back & Neck Pain

Tightness, lack of movement and stiffness are common signs of neck and back pain.

Chronic Joint Pain

Dry needling produces endorphins, mood-stimulating chemicals that alleviate chronic joint pain.

Injury Recovery

Dry needling is incredibly effective in aiding recovery in back, neck and knee injuries.

Strains & Sprains

Dry needling can increase blood flow to strained and sprained muscles, encouraging recovery.

Muscle Overuse

Stiffness associated with muscle overuse can be loosened with targeted needling.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Immediate improvement in symptoms and muscle mobility can aid recovery time.

Headaches & Migraines

Releasing the tension in the trigger points that cause migraines and headaches can provide relief.

Sports Related Injury

Athletes and weekend warriors can get instant relief from muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.

Car Accident Injury

Targeting whiplash, concussion, and herniated disc pain points can aid recovery from MVAs.

Work Related Injury

Return to work sooner with trigger point needling that targets specific injuries.
Get Back to Being Pain-Free

With Dry Needling & IMS in Calgary

From athletes to people with chronic pain, dry needling (also known as intramuscular stimulation) provides instant relief to pain by relieving tension and pain in muscular trigger points while producing mood-stimulating endorphins. With Strive Physiotherapy’s dry needling in Calgary, we can locate and needle specific trigger points, promoting movement and blood flow, so you get back to being pain-free. 

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Administering dry needling correctly requires educational experience, firsthand knowledge of the body, and a specialized targeted plan. You’ll get all that with Strive. We take great pride in offering the most innovative treatments, such as intramuscular stimulation (IMS), to provide you with instant relief, aid injury recovery and encourage exercise. Visit Strive to get IMS treatment in Calgary today!

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What to Expect
Please explain to us the affected areas in your body, stating the type of pain you’re experiencing. We can focus on specific target areas that can alleviate pain, reduce tension and improve your range of motion.
During Treatment
Lying on a treatment table, we will gently insert the dry needles into tight muscle bands. The treatment itself does not last very long, with the needles sometimes inserted for only a few seconds each.
You may experience some mild soreness in the treated areas after your IMS in Calgary. However, it should disappear within 24 hours, leaving you with less pain and more mobility.

Although unpleasant, dry needling is not painful. You might feel discomfort when the needle is inserted, but as the needle is only inserted for a few seconds, it does not last long. It does vary from person to person, and we’re here to support you if needed.

You may experience mild soreness and potential bruising in the treated area. However, that should go away within 24 hours, leaving you with less pain and tension, more movement and a greater range of motion.


It ultimately depends on the severity of your condition, how long you’ve had it for and your body’s self-healing rate. Some people require one to two treatments, while others might need several. You’ll know how many treatments you need with your individualized plan.

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