Get Back into the Game!

Visit Our Sports Injury Clinic in Calgary

Get Back into the Game!
Visit Our Sports Injury Clinic in Calgary
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Get Back in the Game

Get back on the field or court quicker than ever before with Strive Physiotherapy. Our sports injury clinic in Calgary offers the latest modern and advanced techniques and treatments to help your recovery and take your game to the next level. Get back to playing the sport you love with us. 

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Injuries We Address

Shin Splints

An increase in activity duration and intensity, flat feet and improper shoes can cause shin splints, an inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around your tibia. You’ll most likely notice sharp or dull and throbbing pain.

Knee Injury

Knee injuries such as strains or torn ligaments and cartilage, or joint pain, can occur in many sports, including soccer, basketball and even tennis. You’ll most likely notice pain, swelling and struggle to put pressure on your knees.

Muscle Strain

From hamstrings to tight quads, muscle strains are very common when participating in sports. Depending on the severity of the strain - and where - rest and at-home techniques can help get you back onto the field quicker.


Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon in joints, such as shoulders, elbows and knees, causing pain, swelling and tenderness. It most likely stems from overusing the muscle and can successfully be treated with rest and physical therapy.
Why Physio?

Sports injuries, however minor, can put a dent in your physical activity and create a mental block from playing your favourite sport again. At Strive, we’ll help you overcome your injury with an individualized sports injury treatment plan, including at-home flexibility and strength exercises, and in-clinic hands-on treatments. Visit our sports injury clinic in Calgary today!

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What to Expect From Our
Sports Injury Clinic in Calgary



Our sports injury physios can help alleviate your pain, slowly building your tolerance while ensuring you recover at a comfortable pace. We’ll take the time to show and explain the best at-home techniques to improve your recovery.



Specific stretching, warming-up and cooling-down techniques, and building muscle flexibility and strength are key to helping prevent injuries. We’ll also instruct you to learn the correct techniques for your sport and rest when needed.



Regardless of your sports injury, a balance of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), physical treatment, such as massage or acupuncture, and slowly pushing yourself with exercise can help get you back to feeling your best.
Other Services


Get specific treatment and at-home exercises to alleviate pain and symptoms from acute and chronic injuries, illnesses and disabilities.
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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Restore balance to your life by treating vertigo, whiplash, dizziness and vestibular conditions with this specialized form of physiotherapy.
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Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling (also known as IMS) use thin needles to release tight muscles, stimulate movement and improve function.
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Pelvic Health

Specific muscle-building and stretching exercises can reinforce and restore your pelvic functions, treating issues such as urinary incontinence and bowel dysfunction.
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Massage therapy can improve your physical and mental function while alleviating pain, promoting movement, and releasing stress.
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Unfortunately, no player can predict when a sports injury will occur. But taking proactive steps can help you. This includes the likes of warming up and stretching the right muscles, cooling down properly, wearing proper gear (helmets, shin pads) and strengthening muscles and flexibility. Being in better physical shape reduces the chances of sustaining a sports injury.

You shouldn’t risk it! Playing while injured can make your injury worse, forcing you to take a more extensive recovery. You should only play when you’re fully healed and are mentally ready to play.

Massages, acupuncture, dry needling and physiotherapy from our passionate physios can provide you with relief from your sports injury.

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