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Get Your Life Back!

Visit Our MVA Injury Pain Clinic
MVA Injury Pain Clinic Calgary
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Being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) can derail your life, overwhelming you with injuries, immobility and a lengthy recovery. But the right treatment plan can get you back on your feet – and you’ll find it at our MVA injury pain clinic. Our innovative, individualized plans and hands-on approach ensure you’ll quickly and safely recover from your accident.

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Injuries We Address


Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are rapidly “whipped” back-and-forth, causing back, neck pain and dislodging the vestibular system. A common injury, we’ll create a focused whiplash treatment in Calgary based on your injury’s severity.


A type of TBI (traumatic brain injury), concussions are caused when the brain rapidly moves back and forth, hitting the inside of the skull. Headaches, balance and dizziness problems, and feeling “slowed down” are signs you need immediate treatment.

Herniated Disc

Disk bulges and herniation are common injuries that occur during collisions, resulting in pain, discomfort, and a loss of function (numbness). While the recovery might be extensive, you can make a full recovery with us.


Fractures occur because your body absorbs the heavy impact during the collision. Pain that worsens with movement or touches, inability to bear weight, swelling and tenderness, and visible bone exposure or deformity are signs of fractures.
Why Physio?

A careful, targeted and patient treatment plan is required to ensure you make a complete recovery from your injuries without suffering more than you should. We provide you with relief at our MVA injury pain clinic while educating you on the best innovative at-home techniques to alleviate pain and aid your recovery. 

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What to Expect From
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A balance of both pushing your body physically and mentally and resting is crucial for recovery. Being mentally and physically active helps you get back to living your life, while rest ensures you can recover quicker.



Flair-ups can occur several months after your MVA, so prevention is key to reducing the outbreak and severity of symptoms. Our treatment plan will work within your limitations so that you can remain pain-free for longer.



MVA recoveries can take months, but we can help alleviate any pain with specialized physiotherapy treatments while guiding you with a slow-and-steady at-home program that enables you to get back to your best.
Other Services


Get specific treatment and at-home exercises to alleviate pain and symptoms from acute and chronic injuries, illnesses and disabilities.
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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Restore balance to your life by treating vertigo, whiplash, dizziness and vestibular conditions with this specialized form of physiotherapy.
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Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling (also known as IMS) use thin needles to release tight muscles, stimulate movement and improve function.
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Pelvic Health

Specific muscle-building and stretching exercises can reinforce and restore your pelvic functions, treating issues such as urinary incontinence and bowel dysfunction.
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Massage therapy can improve your physical and mental function while alleviating pain, promoting movement, and releasing stress.
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It depends on the severity of your injuries, but we recommend not to rush into any contact sports or intense activities, as you can cause further harm. Our motor vehicle accident treatment is designed to get your back to feeling your best at a pace that works for you.

Yes, there are. You might experience Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain and vertigo as part of your accident. Our car accident physio can help you form a plan around your injuries.

All concussions are serious, as a blow to the head can disrupt your vestibular system and cognitive behaviours. If you experience fatigue, nausea, loss of concentration, short-term memory loss, sensitivity to light, or poor balance, it’s best to seek treatment from our team today.

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