Virtual Care

Access Our Clinic From Anywhere
Virtual Care
Access Our Clinic From Anywhere

STRIVE to Be Your Best

Improve Mobility
Balance, bodyweight movements, dynamic stretching and strength-building exercises can significantly improve your mobility, reducing potential injuries while helping you get stronger.
Increase Flexibility
Static and dynamic stretching, practicing rotational movements and strengthening core muscles can increase your range of motion, helping you be more flexible in everyday life.
Alleviate Pain
We’ll target the root of your pain by explaining targeted treatments, such as self-massage, and specific at-home exercises that relieve and prevent pain when you're at home.
Enhance Wellness
Utilizing our at-home exercising and stretching programs multiple times per week can improve your physical, emotional and mental health, enhancing your overall wellness.
You Don’t Have to Meet With Us in Person to Experience Pain Relief

Back & Neck Pain

Limited movement and range of motion can cause back and neck pain.

Chronic Joint Pain

Joint pain can appear through swelling, stiffness and long-lasting pain

Injury Recovery

A mixture of rest, specific exercises and physio treatment can help recovery.

Muscle Overuse

Using the same muscles over and over can lead to pain and tenderness.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Plenty of rest and limited activity can enhance your recovery time.

Headaches & Migraines

Stress, fatigue, emotional and mental strains can increase the severity of headaches and migraines.

Dizziness & Vertigo

Dizziness signs include feeling faint or woozy, while a “spinning room” means vertigo.


Problems with muscles and nerves can lead to a loss of bladder control.
Get Back to Being You
Access the Highest Possible Care At Home

Get the treatment you deserve in the comfort of your home with Strive Physiotherapy’s Virtual Care services. Through online video, we can continue to provide you with high-quality care while doing our part to practice physical distancing. You’ll still receive one-on-one time, at-home exercises and guidance on how you can recover and improve your health.

What We Do
Make an Appointment for Physio Today
Make an Appointment for Physio Today
What to Expect
Please explain to us your health issues and concerns. We’ll note down key findings and analyze them to find the source of your pain.
Care Plan
Based on your injuries, limitations and personal goals, we’ll provide you with a personalized treatment plan that targets problematic areas and aids your recovery.
Follow Up
We’ll schedule another appointment at a time that suits you. Our physiotherapists will assess your health, inquire about your progress and guide you going forward.

We can still provide exercise programs through secure file transfer services, so you’ll always get the treatment and care you deserve.

Many insurers will now cover Virtual Care, and we can help you explore coverage options if you would like to be treated using this option. We offer Virtual Care for Private, MVA and WCB treatments.

The limitations of Virtual Care are that we will be unable to use our hands to carry out manual therapy, and we do recognize that not everyone’s needs can be met through this service. If you require hands-on treatment, we can help you schedule an appointment at one of our centres: Hanson Ranch, Centre Street or Chestermere.

To address more urgent cases, we are exploring our options for limited one-on-one direct patient care. As this is an ever-changing environment, we will update this care plan daily.

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