No More Pain in the Neck!

Get Neck Pain Treatment in Calgary

No More Pain in the Neck!
Get Neck Pain Treatment in Calgary
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Alleviate neck pain and thrive! At Strive Physiotherapy, we offer the latest innovative techniques to relieve acute and chronic neck pain while providing you with exercise advice and home programs to maintain a pain-free life. Get back to living your best life with our neck pain treatment in Calgary.  

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Injuries We Address

Disc Injury

Disk herniation or bulges is a common injury due to gradual wear and tear, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents. or improper lifting. You might feel pain radiating down your arm and hands.


Commonly caused by rear-end accidents, sports injuries and falls, whiplash occurs when the neck is “whipped” rapidly back-and-forth, causing damage. In some cases, if a concussion has occurred, you might require vestibular physiotherapy.

Pinched Nerve

Excessive pressure on a neck nerve by surrounding tissues, such as muscles or tendons, can cause it to “pinch”. You’ll most likely feel sharp or burning pain, tingling sensations, muscle weakness and numbness.

Muscle Strain

Perhaps the most common neck injury. A strain occurs when one of the soft tissues in the muscles is “stretched” or impacted, causing tenderness, stiffness and pain. We can help alleviate pain and reduce future issues.
Why Physio?

Reducing pain and stiffness, increasing the range of neck motion, developing strength and preventing further issues are key advantages to visiting our clinic. Significantly, you can improve your quality of life with our guided exercises and programs. We’ll educate you on the latest techniques and methods so that you can develop, improve and maintain your health.

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neck pain clinic calgary

What to Expect From
Our Neck Pain Clinic in Calgary



We can effectively reduce pain and improve movement through manipulation, joint mobilization, and soft tissue release techniques while helping you set realistic goals and expectations for your treatment and recovery.



By developing strength in your neck muscles and surrounding areas, improving your posture, and learning proper body mechanics, you can avoid future injuries while preventing pain from recurring.



Gentle stretching and massages, slowly exercising and doing stress-relieving activities can help you recover from your injury quicker and safer. Our physiotherapist will create a specific recovery plan for your condition.
Other Services


Get specific treatment and at-home exercises to alleviate pain and symptoms from acute and chronic injuries, illnesses and disabilities.
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Vestibular Physiotherapy

Restore balance to your life by treating vertigo, whiplash, dizziness and vestibular conditions with this specialized form of physiotherapy.
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Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling (also known as IMS) use thin needles to release tight muscles, stimulate movement and improve function.
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Pelvic Health

Specific muscle-building and stretching exercises can reinforce and restore your pelvic functions, treating issues such as urinary incontinence and bowel dysfunction.
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Massage therapy can improve your physical and mental function while alleviating pain, promoting movement, and releasing stress.
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Sports injuries, poor posture, worn joints and muscle sprains are some of the most common causes of neck pain. You can prevent these injuries by ensuring you maintain good posture at work, wear a helmet when playing sports and stretching and strengthening your neck muscles.

If you notice numbness or shooting pain radiating down into the shoulder, arm, or hand, visual problems, headaches, light sensitivity or vertigo, you should consult a healthcare provider. We can screen you at our clinic and provide you with guidance.

Sometimes moving while we sleep can put us in an uncomfortable position that strains our neck. You can avoid this situation by not sleeping on a stiff or high pillow and keeping your spine straight when sleeping. We can provide you with more information during our sessions.

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